Lala Kent is dating a "big Hollywood producer," according to her friend and co-star James Kennedy. During last night's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," the late night show of Andy Cohen, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend called in to ask Kennedy to reveal the identity of Kent's mysterious boyfriend.

Although Kennedy seemed to be ready to disclose the information, which has been a hot topic on "Vanderpump Rules" for the entirety of season five, he first asked permission from Cohen, who immediately said, "No!" So, rather than give a name, Kennedy teased, "She's dating a big Hollywood-time producer."

Lala Kent claimed James Kennedy met her 'athlete boyfriend' last month

While Kennedy claims Lala Kent is dating a producer, she told a much different story just one month ago.

While chatting with Keven Undergaro on his Podcast series, "The Tomorrow Show," Kent said that her boyfriend didn't want to be featured on "Vanderpump Rules" because he has certain endorsements that he didn't want to put at risk. At the same time, Kent said she'd like to move on from the Bravo show with an appearance on "WAGS," a reality show about the wives and girlfriends of athletes.

When Undergaro questioned Kent about her boyfriend further and wanted to know whether or not her friend James Kennedy had been introduced to her mystery man, she claimed he had. "[James Kennedy] knows. They have met," Kent told the host, adding that her boyfriend teased Kennedy about their past hookup. She also admitted that her boyfriend "gets nervous" when she spends time with Kennedy alone because he worries that their sexual attraction to one another hasn't yet fizzled.

Lala Kent quit 'Vanderpump Rules' in 2016

Midway through filming on the series' 5th season, Kent announced she would no longer be appearing on the show. However, because it is unclear when she actually parted ways with the series, fans will have to wait and see when her official show exit will be.

To see more of Lala Kent and her co-stars, tune in to the 5th season of Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules" at 9 p.m. on Monday nights.