Kailyn Lowry proclaimed on Twitter earlier this week that she no longer trusts her "Teen Mom 2" producers, but could the issue lead her to quit the series after seven seasons? Throughout the series' run, rumors have frequently swirled in regard to the series' stars potentially leaving the show due to editing concerns, but will Lowry really pull the plug?

At this point, no official announcements regarding her possible exit have been shared, but according to a report from Radar Online, Lowry is very hurt by the MTV staff, and feels they've betrayed her trust.

On Wednesday night, MTV aired a special episode of "Teen Mom 2," and during the show, Lowry was seen refusing to speak of her divorce as the cameras rolled. Even after receiving a call from her estranged husband, Javi Marroquin, Lowry informed producers that she would not be answering the call -- and would not be talking about their split.

Although Kailyn Lowry and her former partner knew at that point that they were moving forward with their split, the reality star was not ready to open up about the ordeal on camera. According to the Radar Online insider, Lowry felt that filming scenes about her split would make it more "real" and she simply wasn't prepared for the backlash they would likely receive.

Kailyn Lowry is refusing to film 'Teen Mom 2'

“[Kailyn Lowry is] very hurt and betrayed and is currently on a film strike,” Radar Online's source alleged. Although the eighth season of the show has not yet been officially confirmed by MTV, the source claimed Lowry was unwilling to reveal more details about her life at this point.

Did MTV drop the ball in the editing room?

In addition to being upset about Javi Marroquin being featured speaking about the divorce on camera, Lowry is also said to be upset with the way producers have edited season 7B. As the source explained, Lowry feels that scenes from the show have been mixed together in an incorrect manner.

To see more of Kailyn Lowry and her co-stars, tune in to "Teen Mom 2" season 7B. The series airs new episodes every Monday night on MTV at 9 p.m.