“General Hospital” spoilers say Sam and Jason will birth their baby in February sweeps but what everyone really wants to know is whether “GH” actress Kelly Monaco is pregnant in real life. Here’s what is going on behind the scenes.

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller dating?

“GH” rumors have prevailed for two years about Kelly and Billy secretly dating. In January 2015, the two were photographed getting cozy at the beach. In August 2015, Famous Fix posted photos of Kelly and Billy sharing a kiss in the hair and makeup room on set at ABC.

They were also seen getting touchy-feely at awards shows and, in November 2016, Monaco-Miller romance rumors blew up when “GH” fan Blossom Brown posted twit pics of herself with Kelly and Billy outside an LA restaurant.

Kelly has said the duo are “just good friends”.

Maybe, but are they good friends with benefits, and if so, is Kelly Monaco pregnant?

Notoriously private people

Kelly and Billy are private, don’t engage with “GH” fans online, and keep their personal lives low-key. Kelly is seen occasionally on social media when BFF Cheryl Burke posts Snapchats of them goofing or if another actor catches Kelly in a snap backstage or at a cast party.

Billy is even more private and while he did do some “The Young and The Restless” events, he hasn’t made a big splash at any “GH” conventions or events.

It seems his spare time is devoted to auditioning for or working on other parts. He’s also rumored to have a long-time girlfriend that’s not Kelly.

If Kelly Monaco is pregnant in real life, is it Billy’s baby? Has the JaSam chemistry sparked real life romance?

A secret baby for a private person?

Kelly Monaco is 40-years-old, so the time is ripe to have a baby if she wants kids that are biologically her own without doing the surrogate thing.

Some “GH” fans on Facebook swear they saw her stomach jump like a kick during scenes with Sam and Jason at the hospital and are convinced Kelly is pregnant.

But if you look at other shots of Kelly on set, she doesn’t display any of the usual characteristics of pregnancy. Most women get a little puffy in the face from water retention but the big thing is cleavage.

Pregnancy brings on the boobs and Kelly’s look the same as always – big but not any bigger.

Diagnosis: Kelly likely not pregnant

It seems a long shot that Kelly Monaco is pregnant, no matter who she’s dating, but you never know. Maybe she’s having a miraculous bloat-free pregnancy. The pic below is her with Cheryl Burke at Christmas, and Kelly is tucked behind her BFF. Is she hiding something?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Today, Nina and Valentin get married, and next week, Franco tries to solve Tom’s murder to save himself. Also, we’re waiting to see if Barbara Tarbuck’s death will be written into the “GH” storyline or acknowledged in the credits.

Picture below: Kelly Monaco and Cheryl Burke – no visible baby bump.