A day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, men and women filled the nation’s capital for the women’s march. 500,000 people participated in this march, jamming the streets with support for women against the president. Unlike the anti-Trump protest on Sunday, the Women’s March in Washington was said to be peaceful and filled with positivity. People drove from places like Maryland, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area to participate in Washington.

Men and women came together

The march was a huge protest driven by the election of Donald Trump. Men and women protested unsettling questions about hindrance to women’s ambitions and American values.

Signs from different demographics voiced marcher’s concerns. Representing Indians, there was a sign that read “We The President,” representing the white women who supported Hilary Clinton was a sign that said “51% strong,” and representing Muslims was a sign with a Muslim woman’s face wearing a flag-designed hijab. Many demographics came together for unity.

Celebrities showed support

Celebrities like Zendaya and Madonna joined the march, along with performances from Alicia Keys and Janelle Monae. Both women shared messages with the crowd during the festivities, announcing ongoing support. Both artists provided power speeches. Alicia Keys stated that “We will not allow our compassionate souls to get stepped on.

We want the best for all Americans. No hate, bigotry, no Muslim registry. We value education, healthcare, and equality.” This speech followed her performance of her song "Girl on Fire." Janelle Monae reminded everyone that “It was a woman that gave you Dr. Martin Luther King. It was a woman that gave you Malcom X. And according to the Bible, it was a woman that gave you Jesus."

It was not just Washington that hosted the march, but other major cities as well.

New York had 450,000 marchers, Boston had 175,000, Los Angeles had 625,000, and other major cities like Seattle, Chicago, and Denver participated. 4 million people marched in total around the United States.