Once Donald Trump became the new president-elect with his election win over Hillary Clinton, all eyes shifted to who he would surround himself in the White House. With his cabinet selections now complete, Trump has come under fire for the lack of minority representation.

Trump cabinet backlash

Over the year and a half that Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, he often came under fire for his controversial comments and policy proposals about minorities. While the billionaire real estate mogul has repeated that he would be president for all Americans, critics have had a hard time taking him seriously.

From his remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico, to his proposal to restrict Muslim immigration, to his policies that negatively impact the African-American community, Trump was able to weather the storm and win enough minority votes to put him over the top. After compiling his cabinet, Trump was criticized again for that fact that no Hispanics were nominated, which was a hot topic of discussion during a January 19 press conference with Sean Spicer.

Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke to reporters Thursday morning to address the upcoming inauguration and other issues surrounding the new administration. When asked why Donald Trump didn't nominated any Hispanics for cabinet positions, Spicer appeared to fumble his response.

Spicer praised Trump's "totality" of his administration, stating, "You see a president who's committed to uniting this country, who’s bringing the best and brightest together."

Sean Spicer continued his defense of Donald Trump and the cabinet's lack of Hispanic by name dropping three minorities, none of which are Latino.

"Look at the cabinet," Spicer said, before citing, Elaine Chao, Dr. Ben Carson, and Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American." Despite Spicer's questionable cabinet defense, the Trump administration will be the first not to nominate a Hispanic member in over 30 years.

Moving forward

Even with the growing backlash and questions surrounding him, Donald Trump is now just 24 hours away from being sworn in as the next commander in chief.

As the former host of "The Apprentice" prepares to become the leader of the free world on Inauguration Day, multiple protests have been planned in opposition, including in Washington, D.C. and outside of Trump Tower in New York City.