One of the big talking points used by Donald Trump since being sworn into office has been his promotion of the voter fraud conspiracy theory. Despite no evidence being presented to back up his claims, Trump is sticking by his word, which was on display during an interview on ABC.

Trump on voter fraud

On Election Day, all signs pointed to Hillary Clinton becoming the first female President of the United States. By the end of the night, Donald Trump shattered the dreams of Democrats and became the new commander in chief. Despite winning the election, Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes, and hasn't been able to get over the defeat.

The former host of "The Apprentice" met with several congressional leaders over the weekend and continued to push the theory that up at five million illegal immigrants voted against him. During an interview on the January 25 edition of ABC's "World News," the issue was a hot topic.

Joining ABC host David Muir was President Donald Trump on Wednesday, and the issue of voter fraud was quickly brought up. Muir pressed Trump on his plan to open an investigation, which the new president replied was already underway, "Sure. Done." he said. "What you have presented so far has been debunked. It's been called false," Muir said, who was then cut off by the billionaire real estate mogul.

"No it hasn't," Trump fired back, stating, "Take a look at the Pew report." "I called the author of the Pew report last night," Muir informed Trump, before explaining, "He told me they found no evidence of voter fraud." "Really?" Trump replied, before asking, "Why did he write the report?" After Muir told Trump that the author of the report confirmed that no evidence of voter fraud was found, the new president was still not convinced.

"Excuse me," Donald Trump said, asking again, "why did he write the report?" "He's groveling again," the president said of the author.

"I always talk about the reporters that grovel when they wanna write something you wanna hear," Trump also added.

Moving forward

In the last few days, some Republicans have pushed back at Donald Trump over his insistence of voter fraud. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. Lindsey Graham have gone public with their opposition, but it appears that the administration is ignoring their words. While Trump has only been in the White House for less than a week, he is already making an impact, though it hasn't gone over with many in the country.