Back in February, when the comic book adaptation "Deadpool" hit theaters, the odds of the film turning a profit were about even, and the odds of the movie becoming an award season darling were pretty much zilch. Of course, now, after making close to $8 billion dollars worldwide, the filmmakers behind Deadpool look to beat the odds once more and land one of those shiny golden Oscars so many Hollywood films covet.

Future awards

Ryan Reynolds' lovechild has already been nominated for two Golden Globes, including one for Best Picture in a musical or comedy.

The comic book movie has also been nominated for the Critics’ Choice Awards, and just this past week was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay from the Writers’ Guild of America. The inclusion of what some critics at best call popcorn film fare in this award season is already a win for Fox’s lackluster comic book properties, but if Deadpool somehow pulls off an upset win or even somehow procures one of those prestigious golden eunuchs known as Oscars, the studio may fathom handing over the keys of their comic book universe to an actual comic book fan, Reynolds.


"Deadpool" receiving an Oscar nomination is not without precedent. Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, "The Dark Knight," earned eight Academy Award nominations, and won two for Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger and Best Sound Editing in 2009.

Not to mention, the seven Academy Award nominations and three wins in 1991 for Warren Beatty’s colorful "Dick Tracy." Needless to say, those two films were presented with a more refined aesthetic and probably had fewer F-bombs than "Deadpool," but maybe this is the year comic books break through the glass ceiling to beat the high-brow dramatic snooze fests which usually gobble up all the prestigious awards.

The Golden Globes will air this Sunday on NBC, and just like past years, the winners stand a good chance to be nominated for an Oscar. On Jan. 24th, the announcement for Academy Award nominations are made, and if "Deadpool" somehow manages to eke a victory out at the Golden Globes, it will be a good night for Reynolds and company.