Season 3 of "Counting On" teased fans with another promo. In the past, the program encapsulated engagements, weddings, and births. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's eldest daughters experienced the highs and lows of marriage and motherhood. Jessa Seewald welcomed her firstborn, Spurgeon, in 2015; as she and her husband parented their son, they prepped for their infant in utero. Seewald's sister, Jill Dillard, chose a different route; while she pampered her husband and toddler, she volunteered in El Salvador. They were busy, but both women watched their sibling, Jinger Vuolo, walk down the aisle.

She sealed her vows in late 2016, but a new trailer showed her in distress. Hopefully, her honeymoon-phase wasn't cut short.

Away from Arkansas

Jinger's spouse, Jeremy, resides in Laredo, Texas. He was a former soccer player with a rap sheet. However, he changed his lifestyle for the better. Even before he met his wife, he was pastor to an intimate church. He transformed his sordid past into a promising future, and he helped others. Jinger was attracted to Jeremy's commitment and dedication to the Christian faith, and they quickly wed. They flew to Australia for a reprieve, but their trip's ended. With cameras in tow, the lens focused on Jinger's apprehension.

She said, "It's just a big change: moving out of the house, getting married, everything has become more real."

Will a pregnancy announcement follow?

Jinger's sisters, Seewald and Dillard, proclaimed their expectancies. The older women want as many biological (and adopted) children as possible, but Jinger and Jeremy played coy about their plans.

Their relatives chose parenthood, but the newlyweds were tight-lipped on the subject. They're settled into a normal routine now, and babies weren't on the brain. Joy-Anna Duggar and her boyfriend, Austin Forsyth, announced their relationship status last year. As TLC documented their journey, Jinger and Jeremy ruminated in the respite. They're thankful for their platform, but constant attention was probably a pain.