Shay opens up the episode by running and stressing over her desire to beat Esme. She and Tiny embrace, and she learns that she bled through her tampon and stained his pants. Frankie tries to calm her but she scurries away in embarrassment.

Shay vs. Tiny vs. Esme

Tiny buys tampons for Shay in an attempt to comfort her, but this only further humiliates her. She learns that Esme was behind the purchase and purposely tried to embarrass her. Shay tries to retaliate but that backfires. She ends up apologizing to Esme, although Esme doesn't seem to accept her apology.

Later on, Shay learns to accept her period and she and other girls decide to run the race with paint on their legs. She and Tiny apologize to each other and share a kiss.

Goldie battles her faith

Goldie is glad to have a new Muslim around that she can relate to, but this quickly changes when Rasha encourages her to invite friends over to their house. She invites Zoe and Winston over for board games, but things turn sour when her Muslim faith seems to get in the way of things. Winston and Zoe leave and she gets into a fight with Rasha. The next day, Rasha chooses to not wear her hijab and Goldie tries to follow her lead. She removes her scarf but puts it back on after feeling uncomfortable. She also lashes out at her class when her teacher assumes that she's an immigrant and hasn't been in the country long.

Goldie and Rasha eventually make up and she learns why Rasha no longer wishes to wear the hijab.

Miles and Lola

Miles has stopped visiting Tristan and gets scolded by Zoe because of it. He starts working for Lola at her restaurant but eventually quits out of guilt. Later on in the episode, Miles has a breakdown while visiting Tristan.

Zoe overhears him and convinces him to work on the school play. He pitches a story about a boy who's waiting for his boyfriend to wake up from a coma. He starts losing faith, but he meets a girl named Hope and she helps him with his grief. Grace, Zoe, Jonah, and Goldie all like his pitch, and agree to bring it to Mr. Simpson.