The new season begins exactly where it left off. The viewers get an update on the victims of the bus crash and it appears that Tristan is the only one with lasting injuries. He's currently in a coma and Miles has been visiting him daily. Syrian Refugees are introduced, and we learn that the school raised $60,000 to properly welcome them to Degrassi.

Miles in denial?

Miles is struggling with Tristan and doesn't know how to properly deal with his pain. As a result, he gets blocked from the school's Facebook page by Mr. Simpson. He confronts Mr. Simpson and he tells him that his update posts were making people feel uncomfortable.

Esme confirms this and the two fight later on when Miles performs an inappropriate class demonstration about Tristan.

Zoe's sexuality

Zoe is happy to be president and openly gay at school but still struggles because of her homophobic mom. When she has trouble with the Gay club about their meeting room, Vijay outs her on Facerange. In a struggle to untag herself from the post, she crashes her car. Her mother and step-father forgive her, but Zoe learns that her mother doesn't believe she's gay and wouldn't approve if she did. Eventually, Zoe solves her issue with the Gay club by having them share their room with the Syrian refugees.

Lola's jealously

Lola is having a hard time getting over Tiny, and the fact that he's dating Shay makes things harder.

After eavesdropping on Vijay and Baaz, she posts a throwback picture of her and Tiny from when they were still dating. Shay is rightfully mad, but Lola defends her actions when she gets confronted. As a result, Lola has a "trial" and lashes out when Shay confronts her further.

New relationships

Lola finds Miles lashing out in the hallway and the two start to bond.

They agree to help each other with their personal grief. Zoe also meets Rasha, a Syrian refugee that's staying with Goldie and her family. Zoe starts liking her instantly. It's also confirmed in the pilot that Shay and Tiny have officially started dating, despite not seeing each other all Summer.