To bring eyes to the television screen, shows have to sometimes push the limits of what has been and can be seen on network television. This season, "The Bachelor" is threatening to take that credo to a new level. In response, many critics have had less than flattering things to say about the direction of the reality dating competition.

Critics gone wild

Entertainment reporter Ross Mathews is one of the critics that have expressed disappointment with this season of "The Bachelor," noting that he is becoming judgmental of the actions unfolding on the show.

On Fox's "Hollywood Today Live," he also commented on how the show seems to center around sex and sexuality this year, making it almost difficult to watch the various women vie for Nick Viall's heart.

As far as critics go, Katie Yoder has some authority as a member of a media watchdog, albeit a conservative one in the Media Research Center. She equated the entertainment in this season of "The Bachelor" with sex, stating that this year has gone beyond other years in terms of its graphic content. She made her comments on FOX411, adding, "It's kind of setting the example that women's value depends solely on their sexiness. Instead of being entertaining, it's heartbreaking."

Even former contestants fume

It seems ironic that one of the biggest critics of the show has become Ali Fedotowsky, a former contestant on "The Bachelor" and a star of its counterpart, "The Bachelorette." On her blog, "All Things Ali Luvs," Fedotowsky cited this season of the show as being a poor example for girls growing up, particularly her own daughter, as women have used their sexuality more than any other attribute as a way to rope in a man.

Many of the show's critics have taken aim at Corinne, who has been the most upfront about using her own sexuality to get what she wants, from forcing Nick to grope her, to putting whipped cream on herself and asking Nick to lick it off. Still, it seems producers of "The Bachelor" are likely okay with the direction of the season, as the ratings and buzz surrounding the show continues to heat up with each episode.