One of the most underrated contestants on this season of "The Bachelor" is Taylor Nolan. She hasn't had the opportunity to make much of an impression on Nick, especially with all of the attention Corinne and Liz have been taking from him. She could sneak up and become a prime candidate to win his heart, though. Let's get to know her a little better.

Taylor outside of the show

At 23-years-old, Taylor is the youngest contestant vying for the heart of Nick on "The Bachelor" this year. She's already achieved a lot at an early age, though. She's a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in Seattle, Washington.

She graduated from Stevenson University and Johns Hopkins University, one of the more prestigious schools in the United States. She has also opened her own private practice, a remarkable achievement for somebody as young as she is.

One of her most intriguing attributes is something completely out of her control: Taylor is biracial. "The Bachelor" has an extremely problematic history when it comes to minority figures. Contestants who aren't white never make it terribly far on the show, while none of the franchise shows have ever featured people vying for a minority bachelor/bachelorette. If she keeps advancing on the show, Taylor has a chance to make television history.

Handicapping Taylor's odds of winning

With her background in mental health, it seems unlikely Taylor will fall into the traps that generally befall contestants on "The Bachelor," which involves taking attention away from trying to woo Nick and using the energy to try and defeat or demean the other contestants on the show.

She hasn't yet made a name for herself and made a memorable impression on Nick, though.

That may change this week -- some spoilers suggest Taylor may go for the jugular and do battle with the show's biggest villain so far, Corinne. Whether or not she comes out on top, Taylor's name will start to circulate more in the inner circles, increasing her chances of becoming recognized as a serious contender for "The Bachelor."