At the end of this season of "The Bachelor," one contestant will be receiving a ring from Nick Viall and a chance to make a future with a man she hadn't even met just a few weeks prior. Many fans of the show have a rooting interest in who the lucky lady will be, but the consensus seems to be weighted heavily against Corinne, the villain of the season. Those fans may be disappointed when they see a recent social media post featuring the contestant.

The social media post

Claudia Oshry is a social media celebrity of sorts, with no association to "The Bachelor." She does, however, appear to be friends with Corinne.

The two were recently at an event together and decided to take a picture, which Oshry posted to her Instagram account. Glistening in the picture is a ring sitting on Corinne's most relevant finger.

Does this mean Corinne is the winner of this season of "The Bachelor"? It may, in fact, prove the opposite. Producers put a very tight gag order on the contestants and star of the show to keep quiet about the results as they play out in front of a national audience. If she won, it would be in her best interest to keep quiet about it so that she could make more money on appearance fees afterwards as her ratings viability skyrockets. Wherever that ring comes from, it's probably not Nick.

An enemy of the people

Needless to say, people would be an uproar if Nick gave Corinne a ring as the winner of "The Bachelor" at the end of the season. She's one of the least popular contestants in the history of the show, shunned by both fans and fellow contestants alike, leading to many negative messages on social media.

Corinne has become well-known for using her sexuality to try and get what she wants from Nick, going as far as having him grope her in front of the other contestants and spreading whipped cream on herself, and having Nick lick it off. Somebody is interested in that and potentially even gave her a ring for it. It's hard to believe it would've come from "The Bachelor," though.