Tonight's "Bachelor 2017" episode, kicked off with the continuation of the pool party activities from last week's episode. A lot of the women weren't happy with Corinne since she was sleeping again, but at the rose ceremony, it was all about what Nick thought, and he thought that: poor Brittany and Christen were the ones that needed to be rejected at this moment, so off they went to prepare for the "Ladies Tell All" episode that should be going down in a few weeks.

Off to the cold area

Next, Corinne tried to make a toast, but could barely get any words out, because being wasted on alcohol, tends to have that effect.

From there, we saw next day footage, and Chris Harrison told the ladies they were going on a road trip to cloudy and cold Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is where Nick is from. Originally, they were supposed to go to South Carolina, but the big Hurricane Matthew caused the detour in plans.

Family time

They showed footage of Nick, sharing some very emotional moments with his family before they got to his 1 on 1 date action with Danielle L. They hit up a bakery and had some fun there, dabbling with cookies and what not. There was some kissing involved over frosting before they ran into Nick's ex. After they talked with her for a bit, they did some more talking and kissing. They ended up having dinner during the evening.

Nick enjoyed everything, so he gave her an early rose. To cap off their date, they kissed in front of a crowd at a Chris Lane concert.

I don't want to do any chores

Next, we were shown group date footage. They ended up, having to complete chores on a dirty dairy farm. Corinne complained as soon as they got there. They had to milk cows and shovel cow poop around.

Corinne just couldn't take it and quit, sparking up even more friction with the other ladies.

During the evening activities, Corinne continued with her antics, claiming that Nick was talking about her when he went off with other girls to chit chat. She also had a panic attack at one point, which is disturbing. In the end, Nick apparently thought Kristina was the one that deserved the early group date rose, but Corinne sure didn't, because she expressed how pissed off she was about it!

Even Bella got impressed

Next, we got to the second 1 on 1 date. Raven was the main attraction for this one. She and Nick headed off to see his little sister, Bella, play a soccer game. They also played for a little bit. Raven met Nick's parents at one point, and seemed very comfortable around them. Meanwhile, Corinne and Taylor started arguing back at the hotel. On the date, they went to a roller rink after the soccer game. Bella was there too, and Raven really impressed her by chatting with her for a while. Some kissing also went down at one point.

During the evening part of their date, Raven opened up to Nick about her cheating ex. Apparently, she caught him in the act and got real violent about it!

Nick liked it though, and gave her the early rose.

Major fight action

Next, we got crazy cocktail party footage. Taylor started getting pissed at Danielle for talking to Nick, because she already had a rose. Corinne and Josephine started talking crap about Taylor's attitude. Then things ended with Corinne and Taylor, engaging in a huge argument! So, that's to be continued right there in next week's episode. Stay tuned.