When people tune in to "The Bachelor" on Monday nights, the producers of the show begin to make money based off of advertising dollars. All viewers get from watching the show is enjoyment, which is true of basically any entertainment product. What about the contestants and people on the show, though? Do they make any money based on their appearance on the show?

Money on 'The Bachelor'

All of the riches line the pockets of "The Bachelor" himself. While the show isn't required to release anybody's salaries, it's speculated that the star of the show generally makes in the six-figures, around $100,000.

This money is for around two months of work, so the $50,000/month salary is good work if one can land it. It's assumed Nick Viall is making approximately that amount of money this season.

As for the contestants, they wind up losing money when they appear on "The Bachelor" due to a combination of factors. For starters, ABC doesn't pay them to be there, since they aren't the 'talent,' so to speak. They also have to spend on their wardrobes for the show, which isn't necessarily provided for. The biggest reason of all, contestants have to leave and even quit their jobs to appear on the reality television program, drying up their sources of income while they're gone.

Where 'The Bachelor' money comes from

Being on the show may only prove to be a lucrative endeavour for the star at the time, winners and even losers from "The Bachelor" can eventually profit from the show. Once the couple is finally revealed at the end of a season, they can begin to make money by appearing on talk shows, other reality TV programs (such as "Dancing With the Stars"), and having competing networks pay for their nuptials.

Winners of the show also tend to sign book deals and get involved in other paying engagements. Then again, the most money to be had from "The Bachelor" goes to a lucky loser, as one of the contestants is eventually chosen to be the star of the next season of "The Bachelorette." Then, the cycle of the franchise begins anew.