On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama stood up in front of the nation he has led for the last eight years. It was time for him to say goodbye to the position that landed him in the White House and give his farewell speech. As he wished the United States well with Donald Trump preparing to soon enter, Celebrities took to Twitter to express their reactions.

His message was one of hope and one that reminded the citizens of the United States of America that there is no "one person." He reminded everyone that the phrase "We The People" needed to mean something again, and that everyone should band together and shout, "Yes, We Can."

President Obama received celebrity praise

Many celebrities expressed their respect and honor for the man who had served as President of the United States for eight years.

Barack Obama changed this nation in many ways, whether everyone likes all he did or not. With that, celebs thought it appropriate to support him and praise him as he bid farewell.

The respect came pouring through over and over again as other celebrities such as Elizabeth Banks, Ariana Grande, and Shonda Rhimes tweeted out how they would miss him. Many are sad to see him go and leave the White House, but others feel as if a page has now turned.

Actress Marlee Matlin may have said it best as the internet was trying to figure out what President Obama said best on Tuesday night. She tweeted out, "So much to quote from President's farewell speech that I am in awe of his class & intelligence. But I like, 'from Selma to Stonewall.'"

Celebrities also brought out the humor for Obama's farewell

Even though it was a very serious evening and one that brought many tears and a lot of emotion, there is also always humor to be found.

Of course, there were some controversial comments as well, since not everyone is overly fond of Donald Trump preparing to take the spot as leader of the United States.

The admiration and adoration is still there for Barack Obama as he gets ready to step down from his position as POTUS. All of those in the free world are going to have to learn how to adjust and do their part now, just as they have for the last eight years.