Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. Are you ready to find out how they're going to end this crazy week? If so, you've come to the right place, because we've got the Friday, January 27th,2017 episode spoilers all queued up for you. They sound really interesting as we're going to get a confession out of Wyatt that reveals he was shady about the divorce filings. Then we've got Quinn, working that Ridge angle, again, to try and get even more support from him, and more.

He did it because?

We'll go ahead and get into this Wyatt and Liam storyline. These two, crazy kids are at it again.

Will this mess ever end with them? Probably not in the near future, because in this episode, it turns out that they are going to engage in yet another conversation about Steffy. During it, he is going to tell Liam that he had some sneaky, ulterior motives for putting in a rush on his divorce from Steffy.

Unfortunately, our TV Guide sources didn't reveal what this crazy motive could possibly be, but that is definitely going to be the really huge question that we'll want to see get answered in this one. If they don't answer it in Friday's show, it had better get answered in Monday's installment. Will Wyatt's true motive just keep the drama going between this threesome situation? Or will it be something that Liam can just shrug off?

We'll see.

She gets even nicer

Next, we've got this second and last spoiler teaser, which reveals that we might see yet another Quinn and Ridge interaction. If not an interaction, it's certainly going to involve these two as our sources tell us that Quinn is going to give Ridge even more of a reason to feel like she should be a valuable member of the Forrester family situation.

So, it sounds like Quinn is going to deliver another nice deed for Ridge at some point. They didn't serve up any additional intel about what Quinn ends up doing, so it'll just have to be a mystery for now, but is certainly going to be intriguing to see what she comes up with.

Alright guys. That is going to wrap up all the spoiler intel that we have for the big week-ending show.

There should be a new spoiler clip to drop, later on this evening, on the show's official Youtube channel, so you might want to keep an eye out for that, because it may give you some extra insight into what they have in store for tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, be sure to check back then, because we'll have next week's opening episode spoilers ready to go. Stay tuned.