Over the last week, Donald Trump has come under fire after CNN released a bombshell exclusive report indicating that Russia had planned to blackmail the president-elect. After Trump pushed back against the report, comedian Bill Maher decided to give his thoughts on the issue.

Maher on Trump

The CNN report that was released earlier this week claimed that Russian operatives had obtained "compromising" personal and financial information about the billionaire real estate mogul. In a follow-up report, the liberal website Buzzfeed elaborated further, publishing unverified information, including about an alleged sex tape involving Trump and prostitutes that were reportedly paid to take part in "golden shower" sex acts.

In response, Trump and his transition team lashed out at the story, denying the allegations and referring to them as "fake news." In a Twitter tirade against the report, the president-elect asked "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" Reacting to Trump's comments was Bill Maher, who voiced his opinion on his own Twitter account on January 12.

"So...Comrade Trump says the Nazis wld bring up unprovable (yet) sex rumors," Bill Maher wrote on Twitter, before adding, "But they did worse things, right?" Maher even went further, tacking on the hashtag "#AllLiesMatter" Maher's comments come just 24 hours after he roasted Trump on Twitter, trolling the billionaire real estate mogul of the aforementioned alleged sex tape encounter.

The host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" poked fun at Trump, referring to him as having "unsubstantiated kinkiness."

Maher returns

"Real Time with Bill Maher" is set to return for the show's 15th season on January 20, which is an ironic time to schedule the season premiere.

In addition to it falling on Maher's birthday, it will also take place on Inauguration Day where Donald Trump will be sworn in as the new president. With the season debuting just hours after the ceremony, it's expected that Trump entering the White House will dominated much of the new episode, as well as the entire season. In addition to mockery at the hands of Maher, other celebrities have spoken out in an apparent boycott of all-things Trump, with actress Rosie O'Donnell openly calling for "martial law" to be enacted to prevent the former host of "The Apprentice" from taking office.