Donald Trump is just over a week away from being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. However, after CNN and Buzzfeed reported that Russia has "compromising" information about the president-elect that could lead to blackmail, reactions quickly poured in on social media, including comedian Bill Maher.

Maher on Trump

CNN broke an exclusive story on Tuesday night, which claimed that Russia was planning to blackmail Donald Trump after coming into possession of private and personal information. Buzzfeed then moved forward and reported that the information obtained by Russia included a sex tape of Trump watching two prostitutes taking part in a "golden shower," which is the sexual act of urinating on each other.

Trump and his transition team quickly fired back at the report, referring to it as fake news. In response, Bill Maher took to his Twitter account on January 11 to troll the billionaire real estate mogul over the "golden shower" allegations.

"Stop attacking Trump for his unsubstantiated kinkiness. He's a new man, anyway -for inaugural they taught him to say "MAY I grab this pu**y?" Bill Maher wrote on Twitter Wednesday night. While the Buzzfeed report has been considered "unverified," the story continues to remain viral on social media.

Maher has been a longtime critic of the former host of "The Apprentice," often using the president-elect as a top target during his hit HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher." In addition to Maher, celebrities were quick to lash out at the president-elect, including George Takei, Rob Reiner, Stephen King, and Alec Baldwin.

Real Time returns

On January 20, Donald Trump will make his way to Washington, D.C. where he will become the new commander in chief. Also on Inauguration Day, Bill Maher will return for a 15th season of "Real Time with Bill Maher" next Friday, which happens to be the host's 61st birthday. With Trump's inauguration taking place just hours before the show returns, it's expected that Maher will make the ceremony the main topic of discussion during the season premiere.