The Internet is on fire with the new "Beauty and the Beast" Belle doll, as it is a look-alike of Justin Bieber. The "Beauty and the Beast" movie is a live-action version that is due out in March and the Belle dolls are ready and waiting for the popularity this film is expected to bring. From the consensus among the folks online, when it comes to these Belle dolls -- they could have a long wait to be a big seller!

Huge forehead

It was thought that these Belle dolls would be done in the likeness of Emma Watson, who plays Belle. But if you put a yellow dress on Justin Bieber, the Belle doll looks more like the pop singer than it does Emma Watson.

The doll is rather creepy looking with its giant forehead. Mashable sarcastically suggests that Emma Watson "seems to have bitterly offended someone -- how else can you explain the doll's giant forehead and remarkable Bieber resemblance?" The anticipation of this movie has already gathered a lot of hyped up fans ready to see Emma Watson in this new role.

Sad looking Belle doll

As with many movies today, the stars are made into action figures and dolls and Belle from the "Beauty and the Beast" was expected to be a big seller.

Many fans collect the dolls, like the ones that came out after the movie "Frozen." This Belle doll was expected to be one of the more popular collectibles this year as far as movie dolls go.

Will creepy doll sell?

Now that Belle turns out to look more like Justin Bieber than the beautiful Emma Watson one of two things may happen.

The doll won't sell because it's rather odd looking and far from the definition of pretty, or -- and this is one big "or," ... it will sell like hot cakes as a double collectible for both Belle and Justin Bieber fanatics.

Cross collectible doll?

The chances of a cross-collectible is slim as fans of the "Beauty and the Beast" probably aren't the same people who are fans of Justin Bieber.

Still, the doll with the big forehead is giving the social media users enough ammunition to have a field day with Justin Bieber jokes.

As the website Joe suggests, it wasn't just a few people who noticed the Justin Bieber resemblance. There have been a lot of folks across the social media sites who have weighed in on the Belle doll. This is not the first time Justin Bieber has shown up as a doll, or in this case a store dummy, as seen below in a tweet. Now that's eerie!

Uncanny likeness to singer

One social media user offered up her take on the reason Belle was morphed into a Justin Bieber look-alike. She suggested that they had to do something with all those unsold Justin Bieber dolls. Just slap on a yellow dress and pop on some hair and the "Baby" singer is recycled into Belle!