Barron Trump was at his Dad’s presidential inauguration ceremony on January 20th and for those who think he is a cute little kid, this presented a rare opportunity to see him. It is well known that the Trump parents try to keep their little boy out of the public eye and it is not often the little celebrity-in-the-making is seen on our Tv screens. The Presidential inauguration was packed with the rich, the powerful and the influential and the focus was mainly on his Dad, Donald Trump but it was nice to see Barron.

Barron managed to bring some sweetness to the Trump presidential inauguration

The seriousness of the whole day was for sure highlighted by Trump protestors, lots of police and FBI, and Hillary Clinton trying to look brave, with the Obama’s looking like they were reconciled to leaving the corridors of power for the time being but Barron was there to make us feel good about the day.

One of the best parts of the day for me was when I saw just how family focussed the Trump family is. That became evident when the children of Donald Trump walked down the stairway to take their seats at the inauguration to see their father being sworn in as President and make his speech to the nation. Young Barron Trump, just 10 years old was gently guided from behind by his half-sisters as the group made their way down the stairs to the front row seats.

This time around Barron Trump managed to keep his eyes open as it was still early in the day, unlike election night when many of us saw him for the first time on the screen so very late at night.

He was dressed like his Dad in a black suit and tie, but this tie was black, unlike Donald who wore his campaign colour red. Melania told who were cited by The Business Insider, that Barron "… loves to build something and tear it down and build something else ... Sometimes I call him little Donald," as she explained how much he enjoys emulating his Dad.

He likes to dress up in suits and ties like his father, but he will also wear something more casual but neat.

The youngest Trump - Barron was self-contained and quiet

Barron Trump comes across as a self-contained, quiet and perhaps even shy child and this has drawn some criticism from the independent press. For example. Mashable captioned their image of him as not being 'impressed with the inauguration' - but we have to ask ourselves if they would prefer to see an undisciplined brat making a scene at important public events? What we do see is the boy with beautiful eyes waiting patiently through the stiff upper lip and very proper and very long public ceremonies without any fidgeting.

Even if he was prone to fidget, his siblings and his Mum Melania were on hand to touch him, guide him and just be there for him.

The president's son gives his mom a quiet smile

He shared a quiet and secret smile with his Mom Melania after Donald Trump, America's new president walked away from the podium to embrace his family.