"The Bachelor" contestant Corinne Olympios knows exactly how to get Nick Viall's attention and it may turn out that trench coats, whipped cream, and bouncy houses are the way to his heart. And for fans who are wondering when Nick will send Corinne home, there may be a twist to the final rose ceremony that will have everyone talking when the season finale airs in March.

Although Reality Steve points to a completely different outcome, Corinne recently stepped out and flashed a massive diamond engagement ring on her left ring finger, something that sparked some serious speculation that the final rose spoilers are wrong.

Did Nick Viall picked the 24-year-old Miami business owner and, if so, will he get to share her nanny and enjoy her now-famous cheese pasta?

Although fans won't find out for sure if the spoilers are right or wrong until ABC airs the finale on March 13, Corinne is still doing what she does best — stirring up drama. The final rose ceremony was filmed in November so now that filming has wrapped and the show is on TV, contestants are allowed to use social media. And a recent post on Instagram has everyone wondering if she is purposely trying to spoil the ending of the show.

Is that a Neil Lane engagement ring?

Fans who have been watching "The Bachelor" for awhile know that there's hard and fast rule the final couple is supposed to obey — do not go out in public together and don't post any photos that will reveal the outcome.

However, sometimes they just can't hold back — remember Shawn and Kaitlyn's "accidental" Snapchat that showed them together in bed before the finale? Although they said it was an accident, perhaps they just couldn't wait to prove Reality Steve wrong. And they succeeded.

Corinne's friend Claudia Oshry seems to be doing the same thing — or at least trying to create a buzz about Corinne's current relationship status. Claudia recently posted a photo on Instagram that shows her standing with "The Bachelor" villain and it didn't take long for fans to notice that she was sporting a diamond ring on her left finger.

Whether it's a Neil Lane ring (he provides the ring for the winner of the final rose) or not, it has fans in a bit of a tizzy. After all, how could Nick choose Corinne over fan favorites Vanessa, Danielle L., Danielle M., or Raven? Well, the photo probably doesn't mean a thing because producers hang on to the ring until the "After the Final Rose" special airs after the finale. So, it appears that she's just trying to spark some conversation and nothing more.

How far does Corinne make it with Nick this season?

If his spoilers turn out to be true, Reality Steve states that Corinne will make it to the hometown dates with Nick but he will send her home at the rose ceremony just one week before the final three girls head to the Fantasy Suite dates in Finland.

And for fans who can't get enough of Corinne Olympios, expect to see her on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer where she will either unload a suitcase full of drama or try to repair her bad girl image.