It has been a very rough couple months for this celebrity power couple; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! And the fire doesn't seem like it will die out anytime soon. In a recent court filing, Brad Pitt requested that the court documents should remain private. But Angelina declared that his only reason for privacy was that "He is terrified that the people will know the truth."

Brad and Angelina Jolie fights over 'private divorce settlement'

However, after another angry tirade, Jolie-Pitt agreed to Pitt's request to keep their divorce proceeding private in order to protect their children, after the actor accused her of having no regard for the kids and wanting their divorce findings out in public for her personal gain.

Brad filed the request back in December at the Superior Court in Los Angeles, California, requesting all investigations and the divorce settlement be privately locked away within the walls of the court. The Brangelina duo had been silent for a while now, however, Angelina sent a strong warning to Brad Pitt declaring that she will remain strong and vigilant in her stance.

One of the sources close to the investigation of Angelina's child abuse claim reported that Brad had already been cleared of the allegations brought against him. The close source also stated "it's a good sign that Angelina had finally decided to let their divorce proceedings remain private." This she said is a good sign for everyone involved especially the innocent children.

What did the FBI find in Brad Pitt's Investigation?

As reported by PEOPLE Magazine, an anonymous individual stated that the FBI and Child Protective Services investigated the allegations intensively after which Jolie's husband was vindicated. Therefore, there was no reason for any public spat or smearing between the celebrity couple.

The abusive verbal spat she said, "Would only hurt the children."

Why is Angelina Jolie divorcing Brad Pitt?

However, a person close to Angelina Jolie gave another take on the matter, stating that although the actor had been cleared following the investigation; it doesn't mean that he did not do anything wrong on the plane. The source also stated that Pitt's behavior on the flight was very abusive and had left the children scared, especially their oldest child, Maddox Jolie-Pitt.