American Horror Story will not go back in time for Season 7. According to TV Line, Season 7 will be set in modern times, and Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are the first actors to sign on for the season. Fret not, "AHS" fans, showrunner Ryan Murphy says that he won't keep the theme a secret. Right now, he has just started to brainstorm so he cannot give any hints, yet.

What we know about Season 7 so far

Immediately after "AHS: Roanoke's" finale aired, Ryan Murphy teased the viewers with a scoop for the next season. Now the fans are wondering if it was really a spoiler, or if it was just a short clip to throw the viewers off.

"American Horror Story" showrunner revealed that Season 7 would be set "in modern times." The spoilers suggested that the theme would be on a ship and center around events that happened in the 1800s. A few viewers stated that it would be interesting if he did the plot around pirates and their dangerous lifestyle. It looks like that isn't Murphy's plan, as he said he would involve a plot "in modern day" and may or may not bring "AHS: Freak Show" characters back as part of the cast.

"American Horror Story" viewers asked if Murphy intends to keep the theme a secret like Season 6.

He seemed to be somewhat unsure but assured the fans that he would give "some spoilers" before the premiere episode, presumably in the fall.

TV Line reported that Ryan Murphy added, "I think maybe we would release [some hints] of it earlier. I just started writing it.

I haven't decided how to do it yet."

Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson sign on for multi-year contract

Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson reportedly signed a multi-year contract for the FX series. Peters wasn't shown very much in Season 6 because he was working on other projects. Paulson, however, played a significant role, and will continue to do so.

The show will continue to air on FX for three more seasons. Murphy revealed that the network went ahead and extended their contract based on faith that they will receive high ratings when Season 7 airs.

"AHS' fans, are you excited that the series was renewed through 2019? What theme would you like to see in Season 7?