French police announced on Thursday (January 12th), that they have formally charged four men from a group of 17 suspects arrested last week for stealing Kim Kardashian's jewelry. The suspects already face charges for previous armed robberies and other crimes, such as kidnapping, criminal association, and handling stolen goods.

Those placed under formal investigation are Yunice A, 63; Florus H, 44; Marceau B, 64; And Gary M, 27. Yunice A was charged with robbery, holding Kardashian at gunpoint, and tying her up. The others face charges of aiding and assisting in the theft.

Six other people remain in police custody.

Investigators analyzed the possibility of someone close to the victim being involved in the Crime. French police, responsible for the case, have been investigating whether or not the gang received information that Kardashian's bodyguard was not at the hotel at the time of the robbery. One of the detainees suspected of taking part in the robbery is Michael Madar, the driver of the limousine the family used in France. However, on Wednesday, he and another three people were released without charges.

17 suspects arrested

Last week, French police identified and arrested 17 suspects for stealing Kim Kardashian's jewelry. The arrests took place in two cities on the outskirts of Paris (Raincy and Vincennes), in Rouen (north-west of the country), and in the city of Grasse, in the south-east of Provence, RTL said.

Radio France Info reported that among those arrested were the perpetrators of the robbery, but also intermediaries linked to the attempt to resell the jewelry. Among the detainees are three women and a 72-year-old man who has participated in organized crime.

Kardashian's robbery

On October 3rd, Kim Kardashian, 36, was held hostage by five armed men at a luxury hotel in central Paris, where she was staying to attend fashion week in the French capital.

She was attacked while her bodyguard looked after her sister at a nightclub. After tying Kim Kardashian up in the bathroom, the gang stole her jewelry, including a diamond ring valued at around €4m. There has been no trace of Kardashian's missing jewelry. The police are investigating whether or not the loot was taken to Antwerp, Belgium, where it would have been sold.