Youtuber and Musician, Toby Turner found himself in the middle of a scandal last April when several women publicly accused him of sexual assault. Now, it looks like Toby is back in the spotlight. The 31-year-old's ex-girlfriend claims that she can't get Toby to stop contacting her through emails.

Jaclyn Glenn is a fellow YouTuber and this isn't her first time dealing with negative consequences because of her past relationship. When the couple first split, Jaclyn uploaded a video begging Toby's fans to stop harassing her.

Then, Jaclyn released a video about her experience with Toby and her thoughts on the rape accusations against him.

That video currently has over 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Toby Turner

Toby's callout started on Twitter when Jaclyn's current boyfriend tweeted to him.

Toby quickly responded.

The Twitter exchange resulted in Jaclyn and Richie getting blamed for the drama.

Their fans questioned why they didn't keep the situation private which is what prompted their video responses.

The videos

Jaclyn explains in her vlog that she has her ex-boyfriend blocked on all of her social media accounts. The only way for him to contact her is through emails, and he's apparently been doing that consistently for months.

Toby and Jaclyn broke up in 2015 due to his issues with infidelity and drug abuse. Jaclyn claims that Toby constantly pressures her to get back together and he's only gotten worse since she started dating her current boyfriend. She states in her video that she hopes publicly threatening Toby will force him to stop contacting her.

Social Repose's video has a slightly different tone that Jaclyn's. In the vlog, Richie calls Toby a "puppy with rabies" and questions his mental state. Richie also claims that he is "one email away from a restraining order".

Toby Turner has yet to directly respond to either of the videos or the accusations of stalking and harassment. Fans have begun to speculate whether or not Toby is mentally-ill and if that could play a part in this story.