The angels Vaddos-sama and Whis-sama as we know are responsible for watching over the destroying gods Bills-sama and Champa-sama. This has to involve some kind of transformation or fusion, it is obvious that they have more power than they are told to have since they have never given in to unlock that power. These angels in the game of ''Dragon Ball Heroes'' have a fusion, and as some scenes of "Dragon Ball Heroes" have appeared in ''Dragon Ball Super'' it is possible that these two merge to achieve incredible power.

In the first season the gods of destruction awaken, and that chapter has almost 5 million views, and became an extremely popular series among people who like to test their imagination, many people have been fascinated with the plot and The animation that ''Dragon Ball'' has created, thanks to the Gamer UltimateGodVegito.

The series in Chapter 32

The series is in chapter 32 and the plot to enter the divine castle of the gods has become a complete odyssey, forcing the characters to defeat all of the gods of destruction. Goku, Gojan and Broly can already become supreme super saiyajin but it is impossible to defeat the powerful Camus, the god of destruction of universe 11. In this instance, Goku takes a risk and with Broly they make a surprising fusion, giving birth to the warrior, "Karoly." This character was widely accepted by the public and even when the fusion of Wiss and Vados appeared.

Apparently, the fact that this race was extinguished by the destruction of the planet mobilized Vegeta not to take that power.

While he had the option of continuing life on another planet, taking power over that planet, and ultimately proclaiming himself king, he decided instead to live out his life on planet earth in relative peace. Along with this peace, he also started a family, and left the other path behind him. It appears, that even in anime, characters can sometimes struggle with, or at least wonder about the road not taken.

Note: this information is not 100% confirmed. This is just a hypothesis.