For many followers, this character was never really mentioned in the original series -- nor, does it seem that this character was ever mentioned by series creator Akira Toriyama. However, according to the international media, this character does exist and is the son of Nappa, who in his origins does not know who his mother is since he was orphaned without a mother. Also, it could be said according to the Saiyajin culture that she was a mother of scarce resources, and that the father took the child away, perhaps to another planet, or perhaps in an attempt to keep the child safe, ultimately.

That said, the father was eventually killed, leaving the child abandoned, orphaned, and, ultimately, left to fend for himself.

But if this character, called Diive, had appeared in the era of the Saiyajins, would it have been possible for said character to have surpassed the power level of the other Saiyans? There are a number of factors to consider here. Could it have been possible that this character would have grown up to train alongside the likes of Goku, or perhaps even Vegeta? Or, perhaps the character may have met an untimely end at the hands of some supreme villain or major antagonist.

His power

His fighting power would be overcoming his own father, having a lot of anger, resentment, and rage in his heart, and his mind would be better than anyone, but it could also be said that he would become a villain, the most fearsome of the series, although his creator claims that he would have potentially existed in much the same manner as his father.

Although, the video games also offered very little in terms of further clarity, as his identity, backstory, and other elements were not revealed through this medium, either. One wonders if perhaps this character will eventually make an appearance in a future saga, and if this character does, what impact will be had.

Speaking of other events in "Dragon Ball Super," we continue to await the arrival of the upcoming saga.

Note: this information is just a hypothesis.