After chapter 67 of the series which was the definitive death of Zamasu at the hands of the god of the whole universe, Zeno sama, the god was revived by his desire for immortality, replanting fear and destruction into the earth of the future.


The novelty of this chapter was to see Zamasu who decided to stop being a God try to overwhelm a complete universe, which happened to be entire universe 7. When Goku saw this had no choice but to press the button that Zeno-chan had given him, appearing as the Zeno-chan of the future, who completely destroyed the whole universe 7.

Son Goku managed to convince this god to accompany him to the palace of his counterpart of the present.

In the end it is Goku’s achievement to become friends with Zeno sama, and this closed chapter 67. The curious fact was to find out, whose father was the guardian angel Wiss? Was it the powerful Daishinkan Sama? This makes us understand That Wiss and Vados are sons of this great priest, let us remember that this angel mentioned him to son Goku, and that the high priest was one of the 5 most powerful characters of all 12 universes.

Others protective angels

The other 10 protective angels have not yet been seen, from the gods of destruction, and seeing it this way, we still need to appreciate the other 4 great priests, who may be their children, and the other 10 angels who we could not yet see.

This is a hypothesis but it could be very correct since it would not be possible for the 12 guardian angels, all children of the same Daishinkan sama, this makes us think that Wiss and Vados have a mother.

Remember that in the Bible, God created the angels for their care and praises, this could be the same, since the great priest can say children, figuratively but could be only creations of this powerful character, and for this reason they would give the name of their father. Undoubtedly the series is becoming more interesting, and we hope that the next chapters continue to reveal more curiosities about this new saga.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed.