We will analyze in depth the possible appearance of the god of the destruction in universe 10 in Dragonball.

Trunks comes from the future and in theory it's the same as universe 7 but instead it's the saga of Android Cell. Trunks changed the time lines and we remember that if someone travels to the past and makes some movement or change is creating another alternate future. This is the reason why the future Trunks now is completely different from the current reality.

We know that Black Goku appeared in the world of Trunks next to Zamasu who is the Kaioshin of the universe 10, here they open 2 possible theories.

The first is that the alternate future of Trunks is modified to the universe 10 and the other is that Trunks continues to exist in universe 7 but Zamasu has created a base of evil in that Earth.

Black Goku has said that he has destroyed many worlds so that Black and Zamasu do not necessarily belong to that world; If this is so and he came from universe then that means Trunks still living in the universe 7. In this case the god of destruction is still Bills in the event that Zamasu has killed the Kayoshines of that universe. This would mean that Bills would already be dead, but on the contrary if Trunks is in universe 10 that means that there is another god of destruction, obviously the respective god for that universe.

What did Gowasu?

We still do not know what happened to Gowasu but the strongest theory we have is that Gowasu was not murdered but rather Zamasu gave him an evil tea. Such a tea could summon the great dragon that evil Goku could manipulate for his own benefit. Why this theory? We have come to the conclusion that it is the most plausible theory because only the Kaioshines can use the ring of time.

Black can use it without having to be a Kayoshin and as we have seen Zamasu has been giving a mysterious tea to Gowasu wherever he is near Black's evil soul. In this way he would have the power of Goku to his whim and Kaioshin control.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed