On Tuesday, December 20, 2016, Richmond's local radio personality Sheilah Belle talked to NBC 12's Chris Thomas about her fight against breast Cancer. This was the first time she has spoken out publicly about having the disease. She admitted that the road is a hard one, but her faith is carrying her through and helping her to stay strong.

The Belle's interview

The Richmond, Virginia-based, nationally syndicated radio personality is affectionately known as "the Belle." In the interview, she was quite emotional as she talked to Thomas about her journey since she was diagnosed with cancer.

The Belle has already had four rounds of chemo. She is scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday, December 21, and she is being positive and expects a good report from her doctor. Sheilah is a Christian, and her faith is helping her on this journey. She usually posts inspirational messages on her Facebook page and keeps her friends updated about her progress. She is requesting prayers from her Richmond fans and from those around the world who know her.

Support for the Belle

The Belle has been in broadcasting for over 25 years. Even though Sheilah has had some bad days, she is still the mid-day host of one of the most influential gospel stations in the country, Radio One’s Praise 104.7 FM. The Belle comes in contact with many recording artists who are offering their support to help her and to let her know she is not alone during her trying time.

In fact, recording artist Jekalyn Carr has launched a support movement for Sheilah as she continues her fight against cancer. Carr was inspired to oversee this project after attending Belle’s event last weekend for cancer survivors called "The Gift."

Carr is encouraging others, especially recording artists, radio personalities, and those in the industry to join her in offering support to help the Belle with her mounting medical bills. Sheilah can be contacted through Praise 104.7 FM radio station and through her Facebook page. She thanks everyone in advance for prayers and support.