Ok, so yes, unfortunately we definitely have bad news for all of you "NCIS : Los Angeles" fans, tonight. It turns out that the new episode 11 of season 8 will be off the CBS prime time menu. We're not sure why, but it just appears to be some sort of short hiatus that's actually going to last not just one, but two weeks. That means it also won't be airing next Sunday night either. This happens from time to time throughout the season. However, since the show has a tall episode order, they don't usually last for months on end like some of the other shows.

Nothing but reruns, baby

CBS is going to be airing a rerun of their new "Bull" drama show in the "NCIS: Los Angeles" time slot, tonight. If you're not a fan of that show, you might want to definitely schedule something else. Then, next week, they're going to show some old "Dick Van Dyke Show" special. So yeah. Thats definitely some bad news for the next, couple weeks.

It's new in two weeks

Now that we've gotten all that horrible info out of the way, you can expect to see the new episode 11, which is labeled: "Tidings We Bring," to hit the airwaves on Sunday night, December 18th in its same 7pm central time slot, so you'll want to definitely mark that down on your TV calendars.

Some synopsis teases

CBS, unfortunately, hasn't dropped a new promo/spoiler clip for episode 11 yet.

However, they did deliver the official synopsis for it. It turns out that we're going to see the disappearance of a Navy Lieutenant commander, prompt the NCIS L.A. crew to go into investigative action. During this big investigation, they're going to find that this guy was working with the NSA, looking into cases that involves foreign cyber threats.

Also ,we'll see some cheesy holiday celebration stuff go down amongst the crew, which would just have me totally zoning out.

Anyways, CBS will ,most likely, drop the new sneak peek and promo clips during that last week, leading up to the December 18th airdate, so we've got a bit of a wait for that, but definitely keep your eyes peeled for those during the week as they should certainly show some extra details and footage for the "Tidings We Bring" installment. Stay tuned.