Bollywood is not far behind Hollywood and like in America gossip and salacious news is churned out by the tabloids. One of the latest bit of news that has fired the people are some steaming kissing scenes in the film ADHM which stand for Ai dil hai mushkil (difficulties of the heart). The kissing scenes are between 43 year old Aishwarya Rai and top Bollywood heart throb 35 year old Ranbir Kapoor.

Kissing controversy

Even before the release of the film the kissing scenes had excited the masses. Aishwarya is one of the loveliest actresses in India and her wax image adorns the wax museum in London.

The film ADHM directed by Karan Johar is a stupendous hit and is the biggest grosser at the box office this year. The success to a great part is also due to the kissing scenes and controversy they generated.

It was rumored that the father in law and mother in law Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan were unhappy at the kissing scenes of Aishwarya. They had declined to attend a private screening of the film by Karan Johar. Some even commented that they wanted the scenes to be deleted.

Ranbir and Aishwarya

Coming to the film the chemistry between Ranbir and Aishwarya is terrific and it does not look like acting. When Ranbir was asked about the scene he commented that they were professional actors and everything they took in their stride.

Aishwarya has however taken part in all the film promotions and seems happy with her role.

Big B was OK

Perhaps the tabloids misjudged the views of the legendary star Amitabh. In a function he commented that Aishwarya by her role had made men think. It appears that the big B had after all seen the movie and was not disturbed.

Amitabh has just acted in the film Pink on women's emancipation which incidentally was a super hit at the box office.

Aishwarya is in the twilight of her career and perhaps the public may not see her as heroine in her coming films. The lady has however left an indelible mark on Bollywood which will live for long. Her steamy love affair with Salman Khan who is still a bachelor is also legendary and a pity it did not bear fruit.