Scheana Shay reportedly split from her husband after he went missing following a possible relapse. Or, according to a new report, Mike Shay may not have gone missing at all. Following the separation of the "Vanderpump Rules" couple, conflicting reports have surfaced.

Has Mike Shay relapsed on prescription pills?

As fans of the Bravo reality series will recall, Scheana Shay's husband struggled with addiction issues during season four, just one year after they were seen getting married. During a conversation with Lisa Vanderpump at one of her Los Angeles restaurants, Shay spoke of her husband's drinking habit and admitted he was taking multiple pills each day and mixing them with alcohol.

While Mike ultimately took care of his addiction struggles, rumors began swirling earlier this month claiming he was missing and back on drugs. Then, days ago, a Radar Online report suggested the rumors weren't true at all and confirmed Mike was not only still sober but also not missing. Instead, he was simply staying with family following a huge fight with his wife last week. After their fight, Scheana Shay's husband took money out of their joint checking account to get by during their separation but when she found out what he had done, she canceled their accounts and was said to be furious.

Mike Shay left the reality star, not the other way around?

While many reports have claimed Scheana Shay was the one who cut ties with Mike after he disappeared following a possible drug relapse, a second Radar Online report claimed Mike was the one who chose to leave their home and now, he's refusing to return.

“Mike found out some things about [Scheana] on Wednesday, and was furious,” a family member revealed to the outlet. According to the source, Scheana Shay's fight with her husband wasn't centered around cheating but rather her inability to support Mike's music career.

“The marriage is beyond repair,” the source said.

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