Is Pamela Anderson pregnant with her third child? The former "Baywatch" beauty and ex-wife of Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee was recently spotted out and about wearing a form-fitting mini dress that revealed more than her usual curvy self. Could Anderson be the latest celebrity going through a late in life pregnancy?

Is Pamela Anderson going to be a mom again?

Anderson was photographed wearing a tiny-tight low cut pink dress but this time it wasn't her cleavage that first caught the attention of the paparazzi, it was a noticeable rounded belly bulge that had photographers in question.

It wouldn't be the biggest surprise in the world should Pamela Anderson be expecting at this later stage in her life. Several Celebrities are waiting having children well into their late forties and fifties these days.

However, sources close to Anderson's ex-husband Tommy Lee claim that Pam's belly is all beer and no baby, revealing that Pam has been drinking rather heavily lately and has put on a few extra pounds around the midsection as a result. Anderson is already the mother of two grown sons, Brandon and Dylan with ex Lee. She has been married and divorced four times.The husband list includes Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Solomon, who she has married and divorced twice, most recently in 2015 and has stated she will not marry again.

Pamela Anderson claims she is through with getting married

At this time in her life, Anderson has not been spotted publicly with any new love interests, but that does not mean that Pam is not just keeping her life on the down low these days. So, if it would actually come to be that Pam is actually pregnant then fans would be more than interested to know just who the potential baby daddy is.

One other explanation for Pam's swollen tummy other than pregnancy, and that dreaded midlife weight gain thing, hopefully it isn't a health setback. In 2002 Anderson revealed she had contracted the Hep C virus as a result of sharing tattoo needles with Lee, who had also been diagnosed.

In 2015, Pam announced that she had been cured after fighting the Hep C virus for two decades by undergoing lengthy and costly treatments.

The former Playmate had also revealed that Tommy Lee had also been cured. "They came up with a cure just recently, and you know Tommy was cured a year ago, I was just cured Friday," Anderson told People magazine last November.