Is Mariah Careyriding the crazy train after her billionaire beau James Packer split? She sported major and apparently purposeful nip slips and seems to have had her surgically enlarged boob job made even larger. Is Mimi depressed because she's apparently finding weight she lost last year? Then, after denying rumors of cheating on Packer with Bryan Tanaka, she's been very cozy with the backup dancer. Then there's the matter of the prenup agreement--the millionairess called Packer's original offer of $6-$30 million a year insultingly tacky. And did the mom of two really dump Nick Cannon to snag her Daddy Warbucks?

Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction, wow-worthy plastic surgery

Mariah's cup runneth over--both of them--as she flaunted an even more impossibly large boob jobin an tiny too-tight corset. She seemed blissfully unaware (or maybe pleasantly aware) of the double nip slip at a bar with Tanaka and DJ Khaled. The single mom is no stranger to plastic surgery. She's had breast implants before and it appears that she may have had breast augmentation. Either that or the bustier was even more snug than it looked.

Mariah Carey weight gain after big weight loss

Last Christmas Mariah was happy in love and appeared to have lost some belly fat. Cosmetic surgeons discussed whether the smaller waist might be down to a tummy tuck, coolsculpting with liposuction or some other plastic surgery.

The weight lossdidn't seem evenly distributed and her breasts (usually the first things to go) remained large. Well they would with plastic surgery but Mimi's natural weight loss was questioned. This year she seems to be gaining back whatever pounds she shed. Is she comfort eating? Her face seems fuller and underarm flab appears to be growing on her remarkably nice arms.

Her thighs, stomach and buttocks seems larger despite rigid Spanx-ing.

Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas" is Bryan and a bigger piece of pie?

Two things the "All I Want for Christmas" singer wanted under her tree might have led to the loss of the one thing she wanted most--James Packer. The mom of twins claims that there was nothing but friendship between she and Tanaka.

But now that Packer is gone, she's been chummier with several guys including dancer Bryan and DJ Khaled. Friends say Carey's so kind-hearted she just wants to help Tanaka in his career. She's not so magnanimous with the ex-boyfriend, however. Mariah was offended when he quoted a paltry pre-nuptial sum of $6 million to $30 million annually. She had a figure nearer $50 million--that's per year--in mind. The performer raked in $27 million last year which supports the original theory that Mariah's lavish spending is what spelled the end of the Packer relationship. It could also be the new Reality TV show "Mariah's World" which broke them up.