"Gilmore Girls" fans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The season premier of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" airs on Netflix on Black Friday, Nov. 25. Alexis Bledel, Lauren Conrad and even "Sookie" Melissa McCarthy return to Stars Hollow after a nearly 10-year absence. Conrad (Lorelai Gilmore) and McCarthy had a teary reunion but that wasn't the biggest surprise. If you've not seen Melissa since the final 2007 episode, prepare for a shock because Sookie's half the woman she was after amazing weight loss.

Melissa McCarthy delights 'Gilmore Girls' fans

The plump cook Sookie was a favorite on "Gilmore Girls." What's not to love about a chubby chef? In fact, fans expect foodies to be avoirdupois. Minnie Jackson (Octavia Spencer) the culinary genius of "The Help" asked whether one can trust a skinny cook? What does a thin person know about the perfect fried chicken or chocolate pie? Well, fans are going to have to get used to a much more mini Melissa McCarthy. The 44-year-old actress's undisclosed weight loss was possibly around 100 pounds.

'Gilmore Girls' McCarthy too skinny for 'Mike and Molly'

However much McCarthy's lost it was too much for CBS. The former "Mike and Molly" star played one half of an obese couple that met at Overeaters Anonymous.

Their obesity was a focal point of the show and when one of them lost weight producers decided to cancel "Mike and Molly." That's happened before in Hollywood. After weight loss, actors who were typecast for "fat person" roles no longer fit the part. After shedding pounds, Raven-Symone had to wear padded costumes for her plus-size character in "State of Georgia."

Melissa McCarthy shares post 'Gilmore Girls' weight loss secrets

So Melissa didn't say how much she lost but she did share how she did it.

And the secret to her remarkable transformation couldn't be simpler--she stopped stressing. She probably cleaned up her diet a bit and maybe started exercising more. But the biggest problem was tension, and doctors concur. Stress can lead to depression, lethargy, worry and anxiety. These cause weight gain and eating disorders as folks comfort eat, binge eat or make poor lifestyle choices. McCarthy's also designed a women's clothing line of flattering styles for larger women to help with body image issues.