Via Instagram, "Drake dead" is trending. Weirdly, several people have asked if the Views artist has passed away or if it's all just rumor.

Well, the thing is this: Drizzy was supposed to perform for a gig in Abu Dhabi last night, November 26.

According to Mirror, Drake songs were guaranteed to fill the air at VIP Room, a "pop-up" nightclub in the area.

The source notes the establishment as having paid Drake £200,000 upfront for him to show up.

However, did Drizzy show his face? Nope!

Drake was missing, but not dead

Apparently, Drizzy's management team got into an argument with VIP Room's management.

The source reports that Drake fans stayed at the nightclub as late as 5 a.m., all awaiting Drizzy's appearance.

So, of course, worry started to set among online communities. It isn't like him to dishonor his commitments.

With this situation in mind, "Drake dead" has a legitimate presence among fans' inquiries.


Is Drake dead? I think not.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to the source, and as can be seen from the video, Drizzy was actually set to perform tonight as well. Allegedly, as mentions the Drake news source, he was unable to access the building last night, and that's why he was a no-show.

"Due to Drake's overwhelming popularity the sheer number of people that turned up outside of VIP Room made it completely unsafe for Drake to even enter the venue in the end so he was unable to perform."

Drake could've handled communication better

I think it's a bit shady that Drake and his camp refused to address the situation or, at the least, let the club know he wasn't going to show on November 26.

Sure, Drizzy is all about working in secret and giving his fans surprises. We've all song Drake songs pop up online seemingly overnight.

However, that wasn't the type of surprise Drake fans would appreciate, no matter the location around the world.

Nevertheless, Drizzy made his appearance at the club just a few hours ago.

Overall, what are your thoughts about Drizzy's no-show?

You know he can't be doing that type of thing over in the United Arab Emirates. Should he have handled it better? Why prompt a "Drake dead" panic?

Feel free to share your comments below.

**Anton Daceyah is a writer for Blasting News. You can like his Facebook page: @AntonDaceyah.**

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