"Days Of Our Lives" fans are returning to Salem this week after the Thanksgiving holiday, and the drama will not disappoint. This week some new characters will be appearing on the NBC soap opera, and even a familiar face will return to interact with a fan favorite character. According to Soap Hub, actress Deidre Hall will be pulling double duty as she begins her stint as the character of Hattie. Many "DOOL" fans will remember Hattie from years past as she was one of Stefano's worker bees who just so happened to look very much like Marlena. In the past, Hattie was played by Deidre Hall's real life twin sister, Andrea Hall.

However, when she returned to Salem for the second time, the character was played by Deidre herself, and was said to have undergone plastic surgery to look more like Marlena.

'Days of Our Lives' comings and goings for the week of November 28

Hattie will be seen behind bars as one of Hope Brady's fellow inmates in prison. As many "Days of Our Lives" viewers know, Hope was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of Stefano DiMera. Hope's sentenced also revealed that she would not be eligible for parole, meaning she will have to serve the full sentence unless her friends and family can find a way to get her out of jail. There's no word yet on what Hattie's storyline will be, but she may know some major dirt on the DiMera family that could end up being the key to Hope's freedom.

Hope's in for a wild ride

Meanwhile, "Days of Our Lives" fans will also see two new characters this week. Actress Marilyn Camacho will begin her recurring stint as Officer Ortiz on November 30. The character will likely be the main officer that Hope Brady is forced to deal with while in prison. It remains to be seen if Officer Ortiz will be friend or a foe to Hope, who will likely be faced with some major issues while serving out her prison sentence. Actress Lauren Letherer is also set to apper on November 30. Letherer will play a character named CoCo, and could also be one of the women that Hope meets while locked away in the women's prison.