Bollywood has opened out. The old mores and restricted access to foreign-born actresses and models have been dumped. This is due to the growing global image of Hindi films.

Katrina Kaif

One of the girls who has entered Bollywood and risen to the apex of stardom is Katrina Kaif. She was born in 1984 in Hongkong of an Indian father and a European mother who had settled in England. Katrina made her debut in Hindi films when she had very little knowledge of any Indian language but her winsome complexion and loveliness coupled with the ability to emote carried the day.

She rose like a meteor and now burns the Bollywood sky. She has a string of hits and at present is the reigning female star in Bollywood. Her closest rival was KarinaKapoor who has now married to Saif Ali Khan, a star with kids who are 20 years old.

Katrina rises

Katrina made her debut in 2003 and since then her graph has shown an upward trend.Katrina has, however, unlike Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, not broken into Hollywood. She is followed by Amy Jackson also from England. Katrina, in particular, is the darling of the of Hindu masses. Her bold lifestyle and liaisons are followed with interest in the gossip magazines and she lives a flamboyant life. Recently she spent a holiday with another top star Ranbir Kapoor in Spain and it was rumored they would marry.

But it was all smoke and the fire did not burn.

Last word

Earlier Katrina was involved with the eligible actor Salman Khan but Katrina went her way. Katrina wears all the dresses including shorts and bikini and her photos adorn the calendars and pin-upsall over the world. Some time back she created controversy by entering theMuslim holy shrine at Ajmer wearing amini skirt.

This was objected to by devout Muslims. Katrina is a shining example of tolerance in India and tribute to a girl who has won Indian hearts. Katrina has some big budget films lined up for 2017 and it will be interesting to see her position in the face of the rise of Deepika and Priyanka.