Hindi TV show “Zindagi Ki Mehek” aired on Zee TV on weeknights is fast attracting the audience and climbing the charts.

In the latest episode of "Zindagi Ki Mehek", Rajiv wants Mehak to participate in the cooking competition, but Mehak refuses.

Mehak, played by Samiksha is a middle-class girl and a great home cook. She is very talented, but her talent is rarely appreciated. She also believes in home remedies. She works in a Dhaba, and everyone loves her food. She has an online friend Shaurya Khanna played by Karan S Vohra, but both strangely doesn’t recognize each other in real life and indulge in argument and fight every time they come across each other, however, both share whatever happens in their life through online chat.

October 9, episode rewind:

Yesterday’s episode showed that Rajiv who is already impressed by the culinary talent of Mehak has cometo her home and tells the family that he wants Mehak to participate in the cooking reality show where the winner gets Rs. 50 lakhs in cash.

The family members ask him for coffee or some soft drinks, but he accepts tea. He burns his tongue as he sips steaming tea from the cup. Mehak runs to the kitchen and comes out with some leaves that instantly heals his wounds.

Mehak not confident of her cooking:

While in the kitchen, she tells her aunt that she doesn’t feel confident as she is just a home cook who can’t even share her recipes. Mehak says no to Rajiv and denies participating in the cookery show. Her decision is backed by her family and Rajiv gets disappointed and takes their leave.

That night Shaurya and Rajiv talk and Shaurya tells Rajiv that he is very certain that the sweet dish was not prepared by Mehak and she only plans to get into the cooking competition reality show.

Rajiv refuses the allegations and just then Shaurya gets the message from his online friend who she is none other than Mehak herself. Mehak gives him Navratri wishes, and he smiles which is noticed by Rajiv.

Samiksha Jaiswal has played the main female lead role in the show.