"Karma Chameleon" Boy George really does come and go with the weight. The legendary LGBT glam-punker continues to wow with his impressive weight loss as a mentor on season 5 of "The Voice UK." Boy George also managed to kick a major drug addiction--no easy feat. Fans will be pleased to learn that Boy George O'Dowd returns in his most popular apparition as the front man for "Culture Club." That pop band will play a one-time performance in London this December. Here are diet tips and weight loss secrets from the iconic singer.

Oh, Boy George is buff!

Fans of Culture Club in the 1980s loved a lot about the band because there was much to enjoy--the poignant punk love songs ("I'll Tumble 4 Ya"), their inimitable music videos, the famous George O'Dowd minstrel voice and gypsy opera style. And admit it, male, female, LGBT, animal, mineral or vegetable, who didn't have a crush on the Harlequin Boy George? But time, heroin and heavy eyeliner were not kind to George. He ballooned to obese, and the makeup only highlighted his downfall. What was the artistically high camp in "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" became garish and caricature. It was painful to watch. But now, since finding Buddhism, George discovered the strength to break free of H, start exercising(Maureen McCormick is nodding here, having discovered weight loss and antidepressants in "Dancing With The Stars").

George managed to finallyshed those pounds. He paid if forward toRicky Gervais who managed to shed a fair amount himself.

Balancing food relationships

Boy George credits his weight loss to the Freer Nutrition concept developed by Amelia Freer. This nutritionist and foodie has developed an eating plan that addresses both the love of food and the necessity of healthful eating.

In a perfect world, people would eat to live, not live to eat. Freer identifies the need to break those unhealthy food relationships but says that in this time of excess, that may not be possible. People have many more food choices, most of which are unhealthy and plenty of leisure to enjoy those non-nutritive comfort foods.

Her aim is to get folks to balance food addiction and cravings for junk food with nutrition forward diet. She is the author of several books "Eat. Nourish. Glow. " and "Cook. Nourish. Glow." Boy George has learned, using Freer's method, to find joy in the simplicity of a bowl of oatmeal.