octomom Nadya Suleman fessed up to plastic surgery, finally, and her logic behind it will have you in stitches. Octomom is a single mom of 14 who had IVF octuplets while on welfare. She's also a prescription drug addict, porn star, food stamps fraudster, bankrupt mom with $1 million debt, possible disability scammer, and reported child neglecter. In an attempt to shed the Octomom image, Nadya is rebranding herself Natalie Suleman. Part of the new look is honesty, so after years of denying accusations of getting cosmetic surgery while on welfare, Suleman came clean, but with caveats.

Here's the truth, or Octomom's version of it about her taxpayer- funded plastic surgery.

Not much surgery, just boob job, lip implants, tummy tuck, and eyebrows

So yes, Natalie as Nadya Suleman admitted to going under the knife, but only a little and not as much as the media made out. A little plastic surgery, is, by her definition, breast augmentation, silicone lip injections and a tummy tuck (which usually includes liposuction). Oh and those new eyebrows are kind of surgical because they're sewn in. They're also very expensive. So not many procedures but enough to completely reshape her face and body. Add that to her Brazilian blowouts (freakishly costly hair treatments that chemically change hair) and the tab is steep.

But she paid it herself.

Single welfare mom had surgery on her own dime?

Nadya assures everyone that it was okay for her to have that plastic surgery because she wasn't using her children's money (aka welfare). That's laughable on several levels. First, it's the rare surgeon who will barter breast implants for food stamps. So that source of income is a bust.

She claims to have private funds, but when one is accepting government assistance, one can have no "private" income. It all must be reported as Octomom learned when she forgot to include porn star pay on foods stamps verification. She was getting about $3,000 a month. She also got the lip implants and IVF in 2008 when she was receiving disability for a supposed back injury (which must not have been too bad as she was able to carry and birth eight babies with it!)

Octomom got plastic surgery for work

Suleman got the boob job because she "wasn't able to exploit" herself properly and do what she was doing (porn) without it (surgery).

She needed new boobs after breastfeeding three of her 14 kids and a tummy tuck for a nude video. She's just embarrassed by the lip injections gotten in her Angelina Jolie wannabe phase. Humiliation does not prevent her from making duck faces for every camera shot, however. All these are the reasons she had to abuse prescription drugs, to "numb." Nadya Suleman has an excuse for everything, it seems.