"The Walking Dead" spoilers for the Season 7 premiere are here and someone has leaked the script! A Walking Dead fan forum got hold of the Season 7 Episode 1 script and released it and we've got all the shocking details right here. If you don't want to know what happens on the season premiere, stop reading NOW!

Deaths confirmed - there's two!

Unless you've got internet blinders on, you already know that Season 7 big bad villain Negan killed two of the Alexandrians. He took out Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee both. We'll see Negan taunt Rick then kill Glenn and the big ginger.

The comics had just Glenn killed in this scene but Abraham was already dead by now so that's a wrap.

The rest of the episode sounds like it goes off the rails with a dream sequence (ugh) that reflects Rick Grimes' mental breakdown. Negan will haul Rick into the RV to finish breaking him mentally so that he's assured Rick will be his b*tch for the rest of the season and follow all his orders. Rick's brain can't handle it and that leads to what happens next.

Tea and crumpets in Alexandria

Rick blames himself for Glenn and Abe's deaths and he's spiraling. While Negan tosses him into a group of walkers to fight for his life, Rick's mind is at a lovely afternoon party back in Alexandria with everyone there, happy, healthy and whole.

It's a small miracle that Rick survives this ordeal. Negan will ultimately save him from being eaten.

Negan then ups the ante to make sure that Rick will do as he tells him to and orders Rick to cut off son Carl Grimes' arm. Negan tells him to lop off the arm or he'll kill Carl, too. Rick will beg to take Carl's place and have his arm taken instead which is a neat little homage back to the comics where Rick did lose part of his arm way back in the early issues.

One Alexandrian taken hostage

When Negan browbeats Rick into swinging the ax to take Carl's arm, that's the point the villain knows he has Rick where he wants him. Negan stops before Carl loses a limb and sends most of the group packing. Negan decides to keep Daryl as his hostage - this carries on through Season 7 with Negan tormenting him and feeding him dog food sandwiches.

Rick gets to take Maggie Greene to the doctor at Hilltop but they do not get to take Glenn or Abraham's bodies to give them a decent burial -- those two wind up as walker chow."The Walking Dead" Season 7kicks off in grisly fashion to let TWD fans know that Negan is not to be trifled with and it all sounds good except Rick's dream sequence -- that could have landed on the editing floor.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 kicks off tonight Sunday October 23 at 9 pm on AMC.