"The Vampire Diaries" kicked off season 8 last Friday. The episode titled "Hello Brother" was even better than fans anticipated. Even though viewers briefly met the new big bad and saw what Damon and Enzo were doing, something else is going on. Ian Somerhalder's character said he flipped his humanity switch. However, could that be a lie? There are hints that Damon still feels, which means his switch was never flipped off at all.

Damon Salvatore's storyline

In season 8 of "TVD," Damon and Enzo are doing the bidding of an evil creature. While Enzo is trying to fight it Damon seems not to be bothered by his actions at all.

Spoilers reveal that the season is going to be about saving Damon and Enzo as well as fighting the new big bad.

'The Vampire Diaries' villain

It was revealed last Friday that the mystery monster is a siren. Legend says that all someone has to do is sing a different tune to beat the villain. However, executive producer Julie Plec teased that destroying the new big bad is going to be a lot harder than everyone thinks. This is especially true since she has such a powerful hold on Damon and Enzo.

Hints that Damon's humanity switch has not been turned off

In the season 8 premiere of "The Vampire Diaries," Damon suggested that Enzo turn off his humanity switch. However, there are clues that his is still turned on.

For example, he said something cruel to his brother, Stefan Salvatore. That made Paul Wesley's character turn and walk away, which ended up saving his life. He also didn't kill Bonnie Bennett, which is surprising since the mystery creature is collecting bodies.

The promo clip for episode 2 reveals additional clues. For example, Damon resists the siren when she gets close to him.

Instead of looking at her without emotion, Damon instantly closes his eyes and pictures Elena Gilbert. He does the same thing when he dreams and Damon looks pretty darn peaceful. Kind of strange reactions for someone without any humanity left in them.

Why would Salvatore lie about it to Enzo?

Damon Salvatore reminded Enzo that the creature can hear everything they say.

He also warned Bonnie's lover not to aggravate the villain. If this is true, then Damon can't tell Enzo his switch is still turned on. The monster would hear him and use it against Damon. He is playing the part of a vampire who has no feelings and no remorse. Damon has to clear his thoughts and block his mind from the big bad. This way, she can't gain any more control of him than she already has.

The big 'Delena' references in the season 8 premiere

"TVD" spoilers were teased by the executive producer. She hinted that there would be a lot of "Delena" references in season 8. There is no word on if Nina Dobrev is returning to "The Vampire Diaries." However, her presence will clearly be felt. Stefan wrote in the diary and of course, the promo clip for episode 2 proved that Damon still thinks of Elena.

Do you think Damon really turned off his humanity switch in "The Vampire Diaries?"