Reports indicate that the upcoming election is starting a family feud among one famous family. The Baldwin brothers are divided on Donald Trump and bias in the media.

The fight between two brothers on today’s media bias

The Baldwin brothers, Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen, all work in American media as actors, and are also notably descendants of John Howland, a passenger on the Mayflower.

Stephen Baldwin recently took to social media to make a statement, writing that his father, who he highlighted as a veteran, would be ashamed of media practices in the modern age, particularly singling out Anderson Cooper, seeming to criticize liberal bias in the media.

While possibly intending to serve as a statement before the upcoming November election, the post did not immediately reference it.

Stephen’s brother William, or Billy, was the first to criticize the post, listing a bunch of publications that opposed Donald Trump despite not having liberal inclinations in the past, including The Cincinnati Inquirer, The Arizona Republic, The Wall Street Journal, and The National Review.

Stephen has reportedly returned to social media to respond to Billy’s posts, saying that he might be more willing to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the Trump family instead of with his brothers.

What the two remaining brothers have to say on American politics

Neither Alec nor Daniel has responded to their brothers’ fight as of yet, but they have both voiced their opinions in modern politics in the public eye.

Alec is a vocal Democrat and has even mocked Donald Trump in a recent sketch on "Saturday Night Live." Alec appears to be certainly aware of his brother Stephen’s political views. In one sketch where he played Trump himself, he referred to Stephen as “the best Baldwin brother” while in character.

Daniel also made a similar political statement earlier this October to criticize the American political system in general, writing that it was a “failing system” and that it had frightened him. He also wrote that he was praying for a way to turn things around before "we lose it all."