Nick Viall is headlining ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 season this winter and filming is moving along at a rapid pace. HIs hometowns are right around the corner and gossip guru Reality Steve is breaking down all of the spoilers. He's been teasing a couple of juicy things regarding some of Nick's bachelorettes and fans wonder what else he might be revealing as things progress. What's the latest?

One of Viall's bachelorettes is allegedly a prior hook-up of his

Reality Steve recently shared that one of Nick Viall's bachelorettes is connected to the franchise in some way, and many assumed he meant that a former contestant was returning for his season.

It turns out that the lady he referenced is not a former contestant. Rather, it seems that Jade Roper Tolbert's maid of honor is on “The Bachelor” 2017 season. Not only is Jade's friend Elizabeth Sandoz one of the bachelorettes this winter, but she allegedly hooked up with Nick the night of Jade and Tanner's wedding, then never heard from him again until she showed up at filming.

The gossip guru had just teased that he had another juicy reveal on the way, tweeting that he would be sharing details on “a girl this season with kind of a big name in this franchise.” It may have taken readers a moment or two as they read his relevantpost, or caused a double-take or twobecause the connection wasn't necessarily obvious to those who don't follow all of his “Bachelorette” or “Bachelor” spoilers closely.

Reality Steve spoiled another bachelorette name that may cause a double-take

Another one of Viall's bachelorettes is named Brittany Farrar, but she doesn't seem to have a connection to the franchise. However, a different Brittany Farrar certainly does. “Bachelorette” fans may remember that JoJo Fletcher's fiance Jordan Rodgers used to date a gal by the same name, and she spoke up a couple of times via social media to blast her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her.

This gal's posts generated a lot of buzz regarding JoJo and Jordan as a couple and spoiler fans can't help but chuckle a bit at the fact that the show cast a bachelorette with the same name for Viall's season. “Bachelor” spoiler fans still wonder if there is another familiar name in the mix of Nick's group of bachelorettes, but nothing more solid has emerged as of yet.

Is Nick Viall sincere in trying to find love this winter? Will his fourth spin with the franchise bring lasting love? Fans are definitely buzzing about ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 season and cannot wait to hear final rose spoilers when they emerge in another month or so.