"Teen Mom 2" stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are currently going through a messy divorce. Despite the rumors that the couple may actually be having a change of heart and getting back together, it seems that the divorce is still on, but are the plans for Javi's tell-all book? Marroquin recently revealed that he was going to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Kailyn and their life on Reality TV. The book was to be titled "Heartlessly Hustled," a play on Lowry's upcoming memoir, "Heart and Hustle," but the plans may now be off.

Is Javi having a change of heart?

According to the IB Times, Javi Marroquin may be scrapping plans to call out Kailyn Lowry in a new book. The "Teen Mom 2" dad says he plans to read Kail's upcoming book when it is released and make his final decision from that point. Marroquin says that the only reason he was going to write the book was so that his side of the story could be told. However, now that he and Lowry are doing much better in their post-marriage relationship, Javi's not sure if he'll go through with it. "I'm willing to drop all of this. At the end of the day I was mad and angry. Now I'm in a good place and I'm willing to let everything go," he said.

Marroquin and Lowry's messy divorce drama

Javi Marroquin says he'll be one of the first people to read Kailyn Lowry's new book, and that he's "a little bit nervous" about how she'll portray him and their marriage in the memoir. In the past Javi claims that the "Teen Mom 2" star had cheated on him, among other things, and that her behavior is the main reason why the couple decided to divorce.

When Marroquin first announced his plans for a book he promised readers that he wauld write "the truth and what [Kailyn] did that ended the marriage."

New 'Teen Mom 2' episodes to fill in the blanks?

Meanwhile, the upcoming eighth season of "Teen Mom 2" is currently filming, and fans should get some idea about Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's marital issues from that.

The pair will likely both discuss their relationship and their divorce in future episodes, and MTV could choose to air Javi's side of things once and for all. As for the book, it is looking like it's not going to happen after all.