Amy Farrah Fowler is the "Big Bang Theory" big girl but the actress Mayim Bialik, who plays her isn't. On her blog, Bialik has kvetched about diet and weight lossand kvelled on the joy of food--but protestations aside, Bialik's face looks thinner. It's most noticeable on Mayim's Kveller Yom Kippur (October 11-12, 2016) posts.

Mayim Bialik is not Amy Fowler

Mayim is featured on the December issue of "Live Happy" magazine. Since her marriageto Michael Smithbroke up, Mayim's been busy raising the couple's two boys. Bialik portrays a neurobiologist and is a neuroscience Ph.D in real life.

Juggling such diverse roles as mom, neuroscientist, mental health advocate, blogger and girlfriendof nerdy, needy Sheldon Cooper(on "Big Bang Theory") would tax anyone. The irony is that multitasking Mayim plays immature Amy Fowler who can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Mayim is happy but not, repeat not, dieting

The "Blossom" star was featured in "Live Happy" discussing her "perfectly imperfect" life. On "Kveller" (Yiddish for "rejoice") Bialik writes about mommy-ing,breastfeeding, attachment parenting, religion, and homeschooling in a fun, snarky voice (she loves the f-word). The mom of two shares recipes and cute kid ideas with no mention of diet-friendly foods. She is a vegan but that's about animal rights.

In fact, when she was quoted as saying she wanted to lose a few pounds, Mayim blogged that schmuck new one! So happiness for Bialik doesn't include the constant pursuit of skinniness.

Bialik's diet tips (if she was trying to lose)

So, then, why does it look like Mayim is thinner? Is it just that she's always juxtaposed with slender people on BBT--Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Melissa Rauch?

Is she one of those lucky people (darn them) who can eat whatever they want? Actually her doctoral dissertation was on the opposite, Prader-Willi Syndrome (where you can't stop eating). Did Mayim have plastic surgery? (Probably not, just sayin') Bialik says she loves eating the fun foods that families with young kids enjoy.

She did offer diet tips if she was planning to lose weight. Just quit eating treats and exercise more. Or just exercise period (something the star says she hates). Veganism can shed pounds too. The likeliest answer is that the hectic life of a 40-year-old mom of young kidskeeps the weight off.