Bryan Craig is officially gone from "General Hospital" and has moved on to a new movie called "Ride" that starts shooting this month. The GH alumni teased on Twitter with the above pic "Say hello to Jack" and also added "Physical preparation starts today... Gonna be a brutal 2 weeks." This came amid recast rumors for his GH character Morgan Corinthos.

Bryan Craig takes on action movie role

This came a few days after Bryan Craig first tweeted "Just closed on a new project. Can't wait to share with you all ;)" Now it turns out that "Ride" is a movie about bike racing -- Bryan Craig is heavy into motorcycles -- his main Twitter pic is of him on a bike.Little is known about the project other than it has a release date of 2017 and is directed by Alex Ranarivelo.

Other stars include Ali Afshar and George Kosturos according to the IMDB page for the project.

Ali and Alex, the director and primary star, are both avid racers and worked together before on "American Wrestler" a movie which made the rounds of the indie film circuit and won some acclaim.

"Ride" is likely another low budget project much like their others. According to another post about "Ride" on Facebook, the movie will feature HARO brand BMX bikes and will be filmed in NAPA skate park, Stafford dirt jumps, and Petaluma state park all in California.In late September, extras were still being recruited on social media for the biker flick.

Bryan Craig's big bang exit from 'General Hospital' shocks fans

After hisGH character Morgan was killed off in a car wreck this week, it's ironic the actor's next role is an aggressive ride movie sure to come with more crashes. This week on "General Hospital," fans will find out Morgan's fate. Rumors are that he'll be recast rather than killed off.

Craig won a Daytime Emmy for his stark portrayal of Morgan Corinthoson GH as a young man struggling with bipolar disorder and the son of a mobster, Sonny Corinthos, struggling with the same disorder. Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny, has the disease in real life and has praised Craig's passionate portrayal of the illness.